Friday, February 4, 2011


by Carlela

I cry for the babies, who has no food to eat,
brought into this world to suffer, and often beat

I cry for our children dropping out of school,
no one cared to teach them about the golden

I cry for the homeless sleeping in the street,
stop being selfish, offer them a piece of meat.

I cry for the gangs, killing to take control,
they've instilled inside a reaping, for their very
own soul.

I cry for the fathers who never stood to the
say hello to your children, it will never be too

I cry seeing mothers put it all in her hand,
it's a cry of joy, she knew how to stand.

I cry for old folks being neglected and abused,
these are the same ones, that opened up doors
for you.

I cry observing families breaking up, fighting
God didn't put us together, to act out this way.

I cry looking at young men wearing their
pants so low,
an open invitation, it's not the way to go.

I cry seeing young girls with their skirts
raised up high,
can't find true love, they don't understand why.

I cry for peace to let it begin,
soon this world will come to an end.
I cry knowing Jesus is coming this way,
He said it in the beginning, when He created
the day.

I cry to see love shared between many of you,
those are reasons why I cry, one day it will all
come true.

copywrited 2010

photo credit: stylecouch.files


Black Diaspora said...

I like both the poem and the accompanying photo.


If all the tears that have ever been shed could be collected somehow, they'd probably fill the ocean blue, or cover the entire world in an apocalyptic deluge--such has been our grief, and such has been our joy.

Reggie said...

Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Go to them, those that make you cry. Let them know there is SOMEONE that loves them. He wants them all to know this. But we must be the ones that tell them -- those that make you cry -- the Good News.