Sunday, February 27, 2011

Do you want to be made whole?

Do you want to be made whole?
Then, rise. Take up your bed and walk.

Walk in your freedom
Run not out of fear
Face the darkness and know that
You control the light
Because you are the light.

The light -- bright and spotless
whole and free

You are the light in you own life, shine.

You are powerful beyond measure
and your greatest power is to choose.

Choose to love or hate this story.

Choose to love or hate your mom.

Choose to love or hate yourself.

It's your power and has always been.

Choose, over and over again until your light
no longer shrinks when the shadows make your flesh crawl.

Thank your flesh for reminding you of your
choice to love.


Will you be made whole?

The decision is yours.

It always has been.

Author: Alexis. Poem copyrighted 2011. For republication, consent must be given by the author.

Background Information:

I've known Alexis (Lex) for several years now. We met online. During that time, she's faced many personal obstacles, and have bested them all. This poem is a testament to her amazing growth, and how much she's allowed herself to remember of All That Is.

She was gracious enough to allow me to share her poem in this setting. For that, I extend my heartiest thanks.

Friday, February 4, 2011


by Carlela

I cry for the babies, who has no food to eat,
brought into this world to suffer, and often beat

I cry for our children dropping out of school,
no one cared to teach them about the golden

I cry for the homeless sleeping in the street,
stop being selfish, offer them a piece of meat.

I cry for the gangs, killing to take control,
they've instilled inside a reaping, for their very
own soul.

I cry for the fathers who never stood to the
say hello to your children, it will never be too

I cry seeing mothers put it all in her hand,
it's a cry of joy, she knew how to stand.

I cry for old folks being neglected and abused,
these are the same ones, that opened up doors
for you.

I cry observing families breaking up, fighting
God didn't put us together, to act out this way.

I cry looking at young men wearing their
pants so low,
an open invitation, it's not the way to go.

I cry seeing young girls with their skirts
raised up high,
can't find true love, they don't understand why.

I cry for peace to let it begin,
soon this world will come to an end.
I cry knowing Jesus is coming this way,
He said it in the beginning, when He created
the day.

I cry to see love shared between many of you,
those are reasons why I cry, one day it will all
come true.

copywrited 2010

photo credit: stylecouch.files