Wednesday, January 5, 2011



by C. Lynn Thomas

God thought of me
When He called me to be a Mother to thee
I was to be a lie line as I carried you
When my heart beat yours did too
I ate you did too

Yes a life line as I carried you
He told me about the pain in child bearing I had to bare
But He would be right there
Moving around all inside getting ready to arrive
As you came
I can't explain
But a great joy overcame

In my arms you lie when just once you were inside
I lift you up and gave you hack to Him
Saying...Lord thank you for entrusting me
I dedicate this child back to thee
For in you Lord I look for you to guide and provide

Nothing can move me from being a Mother
For what a honor to be a Mother to thee
As life went on by I found myself
Watching your 1st step, 1st tooth, 1st dance
So many 1st there were
What an honor not only to be a Mother to the one I bare
But to the others that had no Mother to care

A Mother is more than carrying and delivering a child
A mother rises early
And won't sleep to the late of night
Praying, caring, loving, giving, sharing teaching
Oh that's me
To the end is where I'll be
For God called me to be a Mother to thee

Copywrite 2006

submitted by Blinders Off

photo credit: romanticrider blog

artist credit: Kolonoj

1 comment:

Black Diaspora said...

Amazingly beautiful. I don't think C. Lynn Thomas will have difficulty finding a publisher.

If I presumed to name the poem, I would have called it:

God called me to be a Mother to thee

It's a great line, and fits well with the graphic you provided.